We employ the best geoscientists in all four major disciplines to ensure we are well ahead of the game:
• Geophysicists • Geochemists • Geologists • Petrophysicists

Data Collection

The most valuable information about layers of underground rock is composed of seismic surveys. These surveys show the potential deposits and accumulate enormous amounts of data, which we analyze with the help of the latest and most powerful computers. Once the analysis is complete, the computers produce exceptionally detailed maps giving us an overall picture of the structure below ground. Our geoscientists evaluate these 3D surveys to map out the best and most notable indications of oil and gas deposits.

Drilling for Data

By using all the latest technology available we can be guided in the right direction, but only by drilling an exploration well that will conclusively confirm whether there actually is oil or gas underground. Geologists gather significant insights from the rock chippings that are flushed to the surface with the drilling mud along with the drill cores that are recovered from underground. These cores may originate from seal rock (like rock salt), oil source rock (like shale), or the highly prized oil bearing rock (like sandstone or limestone).

Geologists cut them onto very thin slices so they are able to examine the drill cores under the microscope. These ultra-thin slices are between 0.02 and 0.03 millimeters thick and show geologist the mineral composition of the rock as well as its porosity and permeability. Further data is composed of additional appraisal wells from which our geoscientists draw their conclusions. Aivum Energy Group’s team of experts merge the analysis and use it to eventually calculate the size of recoverable reserves.


Our geophysicists help us build clear picture of what is below the Earth's surface.


Our Geochemists utilize their knowledge of geology and chemistry to give us vital assistance in our exploration of oil and gas.


Our Geologists are tasked with finding oil deposits and assessing their worth.


Our petrophysicists assist in filing the details after geologists and geophysicists have found a reservoir target.


We maintain several core beliefs that are central to our exploration strategy:

We believe that competitive advantage in the commodity-based natural gas and oil exploration business has to be among the most competitive, efficient and cost effective. We understand that essentially all the exploration and production industry's value formulation is gained through consistently drilling successful exploratory wells.

Areas identified with a significantly high chance of success are explored and detailed utilizing the relevant techniques. Utilization and integration of state of the art techniques and technology will be utilized to maximize benefit to the full extent possible in identifying, selecting and preparing prospective fields for drilling.

Aivum Energy Group recognizes that patience and a long-term perspective is necessary trait to be a competitive explorer. We have a successful history of exploration, and a steady track record of operating in a logical, cost-efficient manner. Aivum Energy Group positions itself by communicating a “multi-national company approach” in implementing the latest in advanced technology, combined with the agility of a small privately owned company to strengthen its competitiveness.