• Explore the possibility of a career with Aivum Energy Group.

    Aivum Energy Group is an oil and gas exploration organization that searches the globe to find viable oil and gas deposits. Along with our sound, strategic operations, one of the main reasons we continually to grow is our continued ability to recognize and attract some of the most talented people in the industry. This is what really makes us successful.

    Aivum Energy Group provides its employees with above average compensation, excellent benefits and a chance to work around the globe. We also understand that it is imperative we give people space to explore opportunities and nurture their careers. Employees, new graduates and interns have specifically designed training programs to enhance their knowledge and particular skill sets. Mentors are assigned to new employees to play a key role in the evolution of early career talent.

    We able to offer a wide range of exciting employment opportunities for exceptional individuals, from the experienced and competent industry professional with an established oil and gas resume through to the recent college graduate who is on the first step of launching a career in this ever-growing industry.

    A world of opportunity is available to you when you start or continue your career at Aivum Energy Group. From the exploration fields to the executive offices to every position throughout the company, all Aivum Energy Group employees are team members, each playing an important role in the company’s success and development with a strong commitment to getting the job done and done right.

  • Professional Development
    In-House & External Training Programs

    Aivum Energy Group offers its employees numerous opportunities to study and learn job-related training programs annually mostly in-house with occasional external, seminars and workshops. We are totally committed to our employees, providing training that nurtures and grows both personal and professional knowledge and skill; we often sponsor employee attendance in industry and professional organizations.

  • Educational Sponsorship

    Aivum Energy Group has always promoted from within wherever possible and believes in nurturing and supporting any employee who desire to continue their education. Aivum Energy Group offers an Education Sponsorship Program, through which we can cover the cost of tuition, textbooks and up to 60% of required fees employees will incur at accredited colleges, universities and or trade schools.