Aivum Energy Group insists on the highest possible standards of performance is maintained in all of its operations throughout the world.

  • Responsibility

    Throughout Aivum Energy Group’s workforce you will find a dedicated, highly-trained, knowledgeable and skilled team that is proud to help discover the resources on which this and future generations depend. Furthermore they possess an abiding commitment to getting the job done in the right and proper manner.

    Aivum Energy Group maintains a policy that is clear, concise and repeatable: meet and exceed environmental standards, develop a safe and rewarding work place while making positive contributions to the local community.

  • Health, safety and the Environment

    Every day, we at Aivum Energy Group work hard to explore the planet for oil and gas plays on which the world currently depends in a measured way that protects the health and safety of our teams and the local communities in which we are operating. Our focal point is on expertise, knowledge and on ensuring our operations are safe and reliable while minimizing our impact on the surrounding environment. We strive to continually improve our operations, we believe we are succeeding and will continue to walk the same path to produce even better results in the future.

  • Environmental Management

    Aivum Energy Group is totally committed to managing our business so it’s carried out in a way that protects the health, safety and security of all employees at all company facilities and is in harmony with the environment in which we operate. Aivum Energy Group has a global footprint of varied and often complex operations which lends itself to being essential to have a single Health, Safety & Environmental Management policy that is in force throughout our worldwide operations and is exploration focused and delivery driven.