About us

Aivum Energy Group is a totally independent exploration company that has steadily been growing since 2010.
Aivum Energy Group specializes in conducting exploration recovery in both shallow, deepwater and land based exploration activities worldwide both independently and on behalf of its clients.

Aivum Energy Group continues to follow its guiding principle of exploring the globe for small to large sized oil and gas fields, delivering consistent results by building and maintaining a top quality team of experienced individuals. Our team have garnered different skill sets across the whole spectrum of natural resource exploration and production through their global industry experience and a continued track record of success. Aivum Energy Group’s team strives to maintain a consistent methodical technique and a disciplined approach that delivers constant exploration success.

Exploring for oil and gas deposits is a long, complicated and expensive process performed by our multidisciplinary teams of geoscientists, engineers, technicians, business analysts and international consultants well versed in international negotiations.

The cost to drill an exploration well onshore is a minimum of $3.5 million and can increase tenfold, for offshore. The industry accepted average success rate is just 33% Aivum Energy Group’s is closer to 50%. That’s why we are considered one of the best. With financiers, production companies and even the odd entrepreneur facing these sorts of costs for discovering hydrocarbon it’s no surprise we are often the first choice exploration company event some of the big boys turn to.

No matter where we are exploring, be it under a blazing sun or way out at sea our thirst for oil and gas never wanes and is driven by the latest technology and the most advanced equipment along with a fully committed experienced team.


We are proud to have an exceptionally experienced team that have accumulated years of knowledge and substantial competence in exploration throughout our preferred regions. Our teams averages 25 years of accrued knowledge and experience and are all leaders in their specific fields.

Management Executives

Management Director – Mr AbdullaBishara
Executive Director, Exploration – Mr Yousuf Al Sayyad
Chief Financial Officer - Mohammed Mr Ali Al-Awadhi
Regional Director Asia – Mr Peter Li Qiang
Director, Engineering and Operations – Mr Martin Pallister
Regional Director Middle East – Mr Amari Hakimi